Title Menu

Title Menu

Title menu (or system menu) is a menu that is shown when user right clicks on a title of any window. Other ways to open title menu: press Alt+Space, or left click on an icon in the left of a widow title.

AnVir Task Manager adds useful commands to the title menu of window of all applications.

Menu commands:

  • On Top (Always Visible) – The window always remains in the front
  • Create Icon in Tray And Hide Window - Place window to system tray
  • Always Place To Tray When Minimized - Window will be placed to tray instead of task bar when it is minimized
  • Create Floating Icon - Create small floating semi-transparent draggable icon that represent windows
  • Transparent – Make window semi-transparent
  • Priority - Change priority of the process that owns the window
    • Realtime - Process can use all CPU resources and block other programs
    • High – Process can use much CPU resources
    • Above Normal
    • Normal – default priority
    • Below Normal
    • Low - Process can’t use much CPU resources and wait while other programs do their jobs
    • Save Priority – Save current priority of the process and automatically set this priority when the process starts
  • Resize – change size of the window to one of standard screen resolutions
    • 320x240
    • 640x480
    • 800x600
    • 1024x768
    • 1152x864
    • 1280x800
    • 1280x1024


To add custom size to resize command of system menu use registry settings. Example of .reg file
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Floating Icons

Create small floating semi-transparent draggable icon that represent windows

Floating icon


Hide windows to tray

Create an icon in system tray that represents a window. Minimize inactive windows to System Tray and save Taskbar space for minimized windows. Taskbar is located at the bottom of the screen. System Tray is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Minimize windows to Tray