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Jan 25, 2013 Version 7.5

1. An option to store the settings for traffic monitoring.
2. The buttons in the window titles and list of recent folders in the file open dialog in 64-bit applications.
3. Ability to disable notifications about new programs of extended startup (by default).
4. New page in the settings dialog that allows to quickly turn off the functions that affect the performance.

Fixed bugs:
1. Delay startup program were not launched if custom startup time was set.

Sep 10, 2012 Version 7.0

1. Monitoring of about 200 Windows registry key, from which programs can be auto-started.


1. The possibility to add new startup tasks to the scheduler on Windows 7.
2. New filter by program types on Startup and Services pages.

Fixed bugs:
1. Disappeared hard drive icon in the tray.
2. Delayed startup programs and programs from the tray menu were run with admin rights on Windows 7.


Apr 27, 2012 Version 6.7.1

Minor bugs fixed.


Mar 13, 2012 Version 6.7

1. Hidden processes monitoring.
2. Monitoring of additional Startup sections:
+ Task scheduler tasks
+ Internet Explorer panels
3. Display the temperature and load of a video-card.
4. Display the remaining life for SSD drives.

1. On Windows 7 and Vista the program runs with full rights (via Windows Task scheduler).
2. Display the temperature for new processors.
3. Improvements in the user interface.


Feb 02, 2012 Version 6.5


1.Added thecorrect operationof the registry andfileson Windows7 64-bit.
2.Ability toterminate processesthat can not be
terminated via Task Manager.
3.Added support for Windows8.


1.Ability toselect multipleprograms on theStartuptaband then run, or deleteseveral programs.
2. Disk read and write
access is shownseparately under heavy load inthe traymonitoring.
3.Expandedscaleon the performance
4.CPU temperatureis displayed onthe tray icon.
5.Verification of files
signaturesperforms in the background.
Many otherimprovements.

1.Dropped support forWindows 98 and Windows2000.
2. Traffic m
onitoringis not on automaticallyat startup.


Apr 02, 2010 Version 6.3.1

Fixed bugs:

1. Controls didn't work in Windows Media Player in aero mode with enabled title buttons.


Mar 29, 2010 Version 6.3

1. Monitor CPU temperature on the tray icon.
2. A new button in the titles of windows - "Roll up window to the title".
3. Support for delayed startup services on the Vista/Windows 7.
4. Ability to save the affinity mask for processes.

1. Buttons in the titles of windows works with aero mode on Vista / Windows 7.
2. Buttons in the titles of windows are displayed using the current theme.
3. The total number of processes, services, startup programs are shown in the tabs.
4. The possibility to always minimize a window to a "floating icon".
5. Ability to set the offset for the buttons in the titles of windows.
6. Name filter for filtering processes, startup programs and services by the name.

Fixed bugs:
1. Windows monitoring in the system tray did not work on systems with two monitors.
2. Online check on virustotal didn't work on some 64-bit systems.
3. Some delayed startup programs didn't run on 64-bit systems.

Dec 3, 2009 Version 6.2

1. Monitoring the temperature of external USB drives.

1. Ability to run a startup program with administrator privileges on Vista and Windows 7.
2. Settings for floating icons:
+ Ability to group in one of the 4 edges of the screen
+ Ability to remove the background
+ Ability to not pin icon on the top of all windows
3. Hotkeys to minimize windows to the system tray or to a floating icon.
4. Improved monitoring window in the tray.
5. Ability to set processes exclusions for buttons in the window titles.
6. Added menus and tooltips to the buttons in the window titles.


Oct 26, 2009 Version 6.1.1


1. Select disks for usage monitoring on the tray icon.

Fixed bugs:
1. Some applications were not compatible with additional buttons in titles of windows.
2. Minor bugs fixed.

Oct 7, 2009 Version 6.1

1. Select which additional icons will be displayed in window titles.
2. Additional icons and extra menu commands are not displayed in the not top level windows titles.
3. Floating icons are grouped at the top of the screen.

Fixed bugs:
1. Traffic counter in the network icon was reset every 4GB.
2. Minor bugs fixed.


Sep 28, 2009 Version 6.0 

1. Icons in titles of all windows, that allows to hide window to the system tray, create a floating icon, pin window on top.
2. Button with menu in "Open File" / "Save File" dialogs:
+ menu shows favorite folders of Total Commander and last open folder in Explorer;
+ menu is available in Browse for Folder dialogs;
+ menu is available on Vista

1. Tray icon shows disk usage per each disk.
2. Enhanced window menu is available in not-top windows.

Fixed bugs:
1. Programs of delayed startup with custom delay time were started only when default page was Startup.
2. The program could freeze on first launch and after disks configuration change.


May 2, 2009 Version 5.6 

1. New items in startup database
2. Press Shift when minimizing window to hide window to the tray

1. Run delayed programs in minimized or normal mode
2. New hidden setting EnableBalloonTips (default: 1). Enable disabled balloon tooltip in system tray when user clicks on the icon in system tray.

Fixed bugs:
1. Disk temperature was not shown in some cases
2. In some cases extended window (system) menu didn’t show current status of priority, size and transparency on Vista


Mar 9, 2009 Version 5.5.2

1. Polish localization.

1. Priority of a process is auto changed only if the priority is normal

Fixed bugs:
1. Names of processes were shown in low case
2. Program may crash on Windows 64-bit


Jan 20, 2009 Version 5.5.1


1. Croatian localization.
2. Windows 7 support

Fixed bugs:
1. Fixed few bugs on 64-bit platform
2. Program could freeze for few seconds
3. Disk temperature was not shown in some cases
4. Program could cause BSOD in tspip.sys on XP


Jan 06, 2009 Version 5.5


1. Set a processor affinity mask for the processes.
2. On Vista "Run as admin" button to restart program with admin rights.
3. Finnish localization.

1. New disk icon in tray.


Oct 28, 2008 Version 5.4


1. Localization to German, Italian, Japanese and others.
2. Vista / XP Tweaker - tool to set up Windows settings.
3. On Windows XP show drive's free space with a colored horizontal bar in Windows "My Computer" (Vista style drive icons on Windows XP).
4. Run programs on startup as floating icons or minimized to system tray.

1. Network icon in tray shows separate indicators for inbound and outbound traffic.
2. Processor icon in tray shows CPU load for each processor (or core).
3. Save windows transparency.
4. Commands Turn Off, Restart, Log Off, Switch User in Tools->Shut Down.
5. Support for big Windows fonts.
6. Set priority to delayed startup programs.
7. Run delayed startup programs on workdays or on weekends only.
8. Add custom size to resize command of system menu.

Fixed bugs:
1. System menu didn’t work on Vista with UAC enabled.
2. Progress dialog added for long operations of digital signatures check. To disable signatures check set CheckFileSignatures=0 in anvir.ini.
3. In some cases system dialogs “Move” and “Copy” appeared when running delayed startup programs.
4. In some cases size of main window was saved incorrectly.
5. Floating icon worked incorrectly.
6. On Vista 64-bit paths of some processes was empty.


Jul 24, 2008 Version 5.2


* Click on title of any application to hide the window to tray, make it transparent, set it 'always on top'.
* List of recently used folders in "Open"/"Save" dialogs.

May 12, 2008 Version 5.1


1. Icon in tray with battery level (for notebooks).
2. Set up custom delay time for startup programs.
3. Create "floating icon" for any window.
4. Run programs as services.
5. Check any file on

1. Correct work on two monitors.
2. Hide main window with Esc.
3. Setting to disable HDD temperature monitoring.
4. Free memory and suspend/run few selected processes.
5. Setting to show tray menu in one column.
6. Disks free space on the tooltip of disk tray icon.
7. Correct disk temperature in °F.
8. Support for 4 Gb on memory usage graph.
9. Run new processes from Processes window.
10. Disabled network adapters are not shown in the tooltip of network tray icon.
11. New design of tray icons.
12. Left tree on Startup window for selection of startup items.
13. New settings for memory optimization and CPU balance.
14. Save registration data to portable device.

Mar 08, 2008 Version 5.0


1. Security analysis of startup programs, processes and services.
2. Icon in tray with network monitoring information: current speed and amount of sent and received data.
3. Icon in tray with HDD temperature.
4. Monitoring of network traffic: upload and download speed, amount of sent and received data per process and per connection.
5. Basic sniffer functions: write TCP/UDP traffic of a process to a file.
6. Memory optimization. Periodically free some memory of processes that use a lot of memory.
7. Information for threads: CPU usage percent, window title and handles.
8. Free memory used by a process.
9. Save HijackThis log with additional data.

1. Combined icon in tray.
2. Hot keys for activation of the program.
3. Show colored tooltips only when Ctrl is pressed.
4. Memory usage is decreased in two times.
5. Notification in tray when a process that eats a lot of CPU is limited in CPU usage.
6. Improvements in UI.
7. Some additional settings.

Feb 01, 2008 Version 4.9


1. Graph of processor and memory usage, and disk activity for each process.
2. User comments and security risk level for processes, startup programs, and services.
3. Additional information on pages: Connections, Files, Windows, Drivers, Services.
4. Memory usage icon in system tray.
5. Security analysis of processes, startup programs and Windows services.
6. List of last opened folders in system tray.
7. Internet Explorer Objects in startup monitor: Browser Helper Objects, Internet Explorer Toolbars, Internet Explorer Menus, Internet Explorer Extensions.
8 Limit the CPU usage of processes that eat a lot of CPU.
9. Minimize windows to system tray and save taskbar space.
10. Replace Windows Task Manager.
11. Suspend /resume processes and threads.
12. Set standard size 640х480, 800х600, 1024x768 to windows.
13. Set transparence level to windows.
14. Remove services.
15. Improvements in GUI.