System Tray Icons and Menu

System tray is an area in the right bottom corner of a screen near of clock. AnVir Task Manager monitors the system's workload, dropping icons in the system tray that indicate CPU usage (including a breakdown by application), hard drive temperature, free space, disks activity (again with per-application info), laptop battery, memory, and network inbound and outbound traffic. So the user always exactly knows what loads his PC.

The program creates following dynamic icons in system tray:

You can place a mouse pointer on an icon to see icon tooltip. If you left click on an icon, tooltip will stay on the screen and not disappear. To hide tooltip, click on the tooltip once more.

(Note: if tooltip doesn't stay on the screen, check Windows setting in the registry HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\EnableBalloonTips=1)

If you right click on an icon, tray menu appears.

When you minimize windows to tray, the program creates tray icon for each minimized window.

Dynamic tray icons and icons of minimized windows
Dynamic tray icons

Dynamic tray icons, tooltips, tray menu
Dynamic tray icons and menu