Portable Mode

You can run the program in portable mode.

List of programs that can run as portable application:
- AnVir Task Manager Free
- AnVir Task Manager
- AnVir Task Manager Pro

You can download portable version of AnVir Task Manager Free from download page


Perform following steps to run AnVir Software program as portable application:

1. Install the software.
2. Copy AnVir.exe, AnvirHook.dll and VirusTotalUpload.exe (optional) to the destination folder.
3. Run AnVir.exe from the destination folder. Setup some program options that you need. Go to Tools->Options->Advanced->Where to store settings. Select anvir.ini. Press Apply. All settings will be stored in anvir.ini in the destination folder. If file anvir.ini is found in the folder of executable, all setting will be loaded and stored to this file (instead of registry). If some settings are missed in anvir.ini, default values will be used. To use default settings, exit the program and place empty file anvir.ini to the folder.
4. Copy all files from "c:\Documents and Settings\{user name}\Local Settings\Application Data\AnVir" to the destination folder. If file startup.dat is found in the folder of executable, all extended setting will be stored to this folder instead of "Local Settings" folder. To use default settings, exit the program and place empty file startup.dat to the folder.
5. If you run the program on USB device you will be asked for the registration data, when you run the program first time from the USB device (only 1 time for the device).


Some settings are stored in files:

File Stored Setting
autotray.dat List of windows that will be auto hidden to tray when minimized

List of processes that will be terminated when they start

List of processes which priority will be changed when they start

comments.dat Comments and risk level of files added by user
delayed.dat Custom delay time and process priority for startup items
detectDl.dat Path to file and time when DLL, driver, process, or service was detected first time
favdirssave.dat List of favorites folders that appear in Save/Open dialogs
folders.dat List of recently opened folders that appear in tray menu
lnkcash.dat List of links from startup menu that is used to build list of last launched programs in tray menu
recentsave.dat List of recently used folders that appear in Save/Open dialogs
runasserv.dat List of processes that will be launched on Windows restart
signcash.dat Cash of files signatures used for security analysis
startup.dat List of current startup programs used to detect new startup items
trayfiles.dat List of custom files in tray
version.dat Information about current version downloaded from web server


Description of files:

File Description
AnVir.exe Main module of the program

Module that implements system wide hook.

It implements Windows enhancements:


Module that is installed as system service.

It allows to Run programs as services on Windows startup.

VirusTotalUpload.exe Module that is used to send any file to virustotal.com and check files with 30+ antivirus engines
portable.txt Instruction how to run AnVir Software program as portable application.
tweaker.exe Vista / XP Tweaker
tweaker_en.lng Language file for Vista / XP Tweaker
tweaker_license.txt License for Vista / XP Tweaker