Processes Log

Log of Processes Activity

Log window contains records of following system events:

  • Processes created
  • Processes terminated
  • Windows created


  • Time - Date and Time of Event
  • Event - Process Name, Process ID, Parent Process Name, Process Working Time, etc.
  • Data - Command Line of Process, Window Title, or Description of Startup Item

Menu commands


Save HijackThisPro Log... – Save information about system to the file in HijackThis format

Save Log Report as Html... - Save log to html file

Exit – Exit program


Text Operations

Copy to Clipboard - Copy to clipboard line from the log

Find... Ctrl+F – Find text in Log window

Find Next F3 – Find text in Log window

Clear All – Clear log

Switch To Process – Open Process window and select process that correspond to the log record


Columns – select columns to show/hide in Log window

Toolbar – show/hide toolbar

Grid – show/hide grids in all windows

Status Bar - show/hide status bar