Open Files

Files List

Files list shows list of files that are opened by selected processes.


  • Name - File Name
  • Type - File Type
  • Process - Process that opened the file
  • Path - File full path
  • Handle - Handle number
  • Address - Kernel address

Context Menu commands

Switch To Process - Open Process window and select process that use a file or folder

File Properties – Open system dialog with properties of the file or folder

Show File In Explorer – Open Explorer and select file or folder

System Menu - Show system context menu of the file or folder

Save Report as Html... - Save list of files and folders to html file

Check with AntiViruses on VirusTotal - Check file with 30 AntiVirus engines on site

Search in Web

Google - Search information about file in Google

Google News - Search information about file in Google News

Text Operations

Copy to Clipboard - Copy to clipboard full information about file

Copy Path - Copy to clipboard path of file