Windows Drivers, Windows XP Drivers, Windows Vista Drivers

Drivers List

Drivers window shows all drivers installed in system.


  • Name - Display name of the driver
  • Description - Description of the driver provided by vendor
  • Product - Description of the file provided by vendor
  • Company - Vendor of the driver
  • State - Current state of the driver
  • Start Type - When Windows starts the driver: Disabled, On demand, Auto on startup, System, Boot, In kernel
  • Type - Type of the driver: Kernel driver, File system driver
  • Full Path - Full path to the driver binary file
  • Version - Version of the driver
  • Date - Date and time when the file was created
  • Size - Size of the module in bytes
  • Dependencies - Names of drivers that must start before this driver
  • Group - Load ordering group to which this driver belongs
  • First Detected - When driver was detected first time. Items detected in the last week are marked.

Context Menu commands

File Properties – Open system dialog with properties of the file of the driver

Show File In Explorer – Open Explorer and select file of the driver

System Menu - Show system context menu of the file of the driver

Stop – stop running driver

Start – start driver

Change Startup Type – change start type of the driver

Boot – Start device driver by the system loader at Window load

System - Start device driver by the IoInitSystem function at Window load

Auto on startup - Start driver automatically by the service control manager during system startup

On demand - Start driver by the service control manager when a process needs this driver and calls the StartService function

Disable (Quarantine) - A driver cannot be started. Attempts to start the driver result in the error

Save Report as Html... - Save list of drivers to html file

Check with AntiViruses on VirusTotal - Check file of the driver with 30 AntiVirus engines on site

Search in Web

Google - Search information about file of the driver in Google

Google News - Search information about file of the driver in Google News

Text Operations

Copy to Clipboard - Copy to clipboard full information about driver

Copy Path - Copy to clipboard path of the file of the driver