Delayed Startup

"Delayed Startup" lets you set up any startup program to run one or more minutes later after Windows startup. This allows you to begin using the computer without waiting for Windows to load all startup applications.

Delayed Startup

Some programs are loaded by Windows after it starts. Such programs are listed in window Startup. When a user loads a computer he should wait while startup programs initialize.

You can speed up this process and not wait while all startup programs start.

Use Delayed Startup to speed up your computer's startup process. Delayed startup items will be started 1 minute (delay time can be customized) after Windows is loaded. So you can start using computer not waiting while Windows loads all startup programs.

To move a startup program to the delayed startup list select "Move to Delayed Startup List" in context menu on Startup page. In most cases you should use default delay time, but you can also setup custom delay time. Delay time is time between Windows loads and startup item is started.

When you place an application to delayed startup list, this application is removed from Windows startup list. This result in following rules:

1) AnVir Task Manager must run on Windows startup to launch delayed startup programs.

2) You should open settings of a program that was placed to delayed startup and set it not to run on Windows startup. This is because some programs will add itself to startup after they were removed from Windows startup list.

3) Only programs that are located in registry startup list can be placed to delayed startup. To move to delayed startup an application that stays in file system startup folders, run the program, switch to Process window, select the process and click Add to Startup. Item will be added to Windows startup. Then place the item to delayed startup.

4) Services and Internet Explorer extensions can not be placed to delayed startup.

To change custom delay time, right click on startup item, and select Edit Delayed Startup Item.

To remove the item from delayed startup list, right click on startup item, select Edit Delayed Startup Item, and click Remove item from delayed startup list.

The status of delayed startup items is shown on Startup window in column Delayed Startup.


Q: How do I control the order of the Delayed startup items. I have apps that they have to load in a specific order.

A: Set custom delay times for the applications:

  1. Right click on the delayed item, go to Edit Delayed Startup Item.
  2. In the dialog "Delayed startup" click on Custom delay time.
  3. Set custom delay times for your applications. For example, 30 sec for the application that has to run 1st, 40 sec for the application that has to run 2nd.